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A beginningThe beginning of a long winding story


Birth of a concept A Guidline in the way to shape our holds was born


Shaping the movement Innovating movements in climbing


The "Micro" A new kind of holds


"Tajitsu" Volume shaped by Laurent Laporte for Entre-Prises


A screw plug Cheeta's innovation


Cheeta Cheeta has been created in 2013

A beginningThe beginning of a long winding story

In the early 90's, Laurent Laporte, climber and competitor started shaping and pouring holds to train with friends.
It was a cool week end, climbing and partying with Patrick Edlinger who came to write an article for Roc'n wall.

Birth of a concept A Guideline in the way to shape our holds was born.

Finding that the holds in the existing market that weren't painful to hold was nearly impossible. Laurent Laporte innovated his shapes to fulfil this need and the idea was born.

Interviewed in 1994 by Patrick Edlinger for Roc'n wall, here is what he says about his holds:
Roc'n wall: ¨What makes your holds so special ?¨
Laurent: ¨My holds have a pleasant grip, I am also working a lot on the grain,
I don't want the grain to be too abrasive, neither too slippery.
I am also working the forms and colors, for me a climbing wall should be aesthetic too.
But on top of all, I like the concept that if you just turn your hold a little, the grip is totally different.
Roc'n wall: What are you working on now ?
Laurent: I will work on bigger holds, I think we're combining small holds and a high level of difficulty.
In fact we can imagine very challenging routes with large holds, and for me there's something sweet and harmonious in this concept.

Shaping the movement Innovating movements in climbing

Val d'Isère, 1997
Laurent Laporte starts routesetting international competitions. At Val d'Isère appeared the first double jump...and first micro holds, shaped specially by Laurent for this event.

Micro-holds A new concept in climbing walls, created and shaped by Laurent Laporte, marketed by Entre-Prises


Laurent Laporte shapes many series for Entre-Prises, in particular the famous volume "Tajitsu". He's working a lot for himself on the development of polyurethane resin, and routesetting in many international events.

A screw plugNo thumb on big holds

Another innovation by Laurent is the screw plug. We have developed it on Cheeta holds. Specially made for routesetting, handing hold with or without thumb is very different.
At Cheeta, screw holes cant't be used for the grip.

Cheeta Cheeta has been created in 2013

We actually make the most of production in polyurethane resin, and develop volumes.
Forms and grips are elaborated in a spirit of open-mindedness.
The main idea of cheeta is to create the movement.
"Cheeta shape the movement"
We want to share Cheeta with you as our passion and experience in route setting, designing and shaping in climbing.